Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy Feet! (Part 1 in a nearly infinite series on "Parts of the Whole")

When I finally returned home this evening after a long day, much of it spent on my feet, I started to think about the many parts of the body and how each part of us has its own purpose in enabling us to be servants, worshippers, and witnesses. Thinking about my feet, at the very bottom tip of the body, made me think of a few other things:

1. The body's connectedness, and how this is often mentioned in the Bible (for example, 1 Corinthians 12, which uses the connected body as a symbol of the faithful church)

2. That as I meditate on the various parts of the body, these thoughts would make great blog posts and ideas for things to meditate upon in small groups.

Feet are especially meaningful to me for a few reasons. One of those is that last year, around this time of the summer, I was suffering from a foot injury that took me off of my feet for a few months! The worst part about it was that I sustained the injury from overuse, not being careful, and not taking care of my feet as I should have been. Throughout the time of recovery, I thought often of how important the feet are and how grateful I am for the ability to use them.

In the Bible, feet can be powerful:

Feet can be fast and at the ready:

Restoring someone's ability to walk and the health of their feet is also a powerful motion of Jesus's healing powers that occurs many times in the Gospel.

Meditating on feet, how are our own feet powerful, beautiful, or ready to help us be bearers of God's word? Do our feet carry us forth to bring good news to others? And are we grateful for our feet, which we so often take for granted?

I've heard the saying that "when the feet hurt, the whole body hurts" - and for those of you who, like me, often find yourself walking around in high heels or other uncomfortable shoes, you know that it sometimes seems to be true! What are we doing to care for our holy feet? Are we keeping them as fit and ready as they can be to allow us to be swift carriers of Christ's news?

In closing, I wrote the following prayer as a meditation on feet. I'll nickname it the "Pedicure Prayer" because it asks the Lord to keep our feet ready, strong, and beautiful as the Bible verses above describe:

Lord Jesus,
Bless the feet of your disciple as she walks in your path.
May these feet have the power to overcome evil,
The beauty of bearing good news,
And the readiness to carry out your work,
Wherever you may lead them.

If you want to make a special ritual for your small group and have a "Holy Feet" day, why not wash each others' feet (a Biblical action of respect, refreshment, hospitality, and humility), pray together, and then put on some polish and conduct a Bible study as your toenails dry, all the while thinking of how you will use your feet to be a better messenger of Christ.

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